Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Chalees Aik Bawan (Forty and One, Fifty-two)
 Aatishdaan Ka But (Statue at the Fireplace)
 Jarron Ki Talash (Search for the Roots).
 Imran Ka Ighwa (Imran Abduction)
 Jazeeron Ki Ruuh (Spirit of the Islands)
 Cheekhti Ruuhein (Screaming Spirits)
 Khatarnak Juari (Dangerous Gambler)
 Zulmat Ka Devata (Lord of the Darkness)
 Heeron Ka Faraib (Fraud of the Pearls)
 Dil-chasp Hadisah (Pleasant Accident)
 Bay-aawaz Sayyarah (Soundless Satellite)
 Dairh Matwaalay (One and a half Drunks)
 Billi Cheekhti Hai (The Cat Cries
 Lo-Bo Li-La (Lo-Bo Li-La)
 Seh-ranga Shula (Tri-coloured Flame)
 Aatishi Badal (Fiery Cloud)
 Geet Aur Khuun (Song and Blood)
 Doosri Aankh (The Other Eye)
 Aankh Shula Bani (Eye becomes Flame)
 Sugar Bank (Sugar Bank)
 Taabuut Mein Cheekh (Scream in the Coffin

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